Repost: Donald Trump writes misleading tweet, but that’s not the scary part

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The Tweets:

The scary part is how the media reacted to it. Some major publications actually did no fact checking at all and simply reposted the story. More from Mashable:

Every president needs a fact-checker — perhaps none more than President-elect Donald Trump.

On Thursday, Trump went on Twitter and claimed that, thanks to his advocacy, Ford would no longer be moving its plant to Mexico. His claim was later challenged by established media outlets (The Washington Post, The New York Times) but not before it was shared elsewhere under misleading headlines (as in The Washington Examiner) and on conservative fake news sites everywhere.

In the tweet, Trump claimed credit for helping to keep a Ford plant in the United States. Read more from the source.

Source: (Mashable) Trump writes deeply misleading tweet and news outlets spread it