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Google launches a massive open AI division

The search giant is opening its neural network to everyone. AOL Today at Google’s I/O developer conference, CEO Sundar Pichai greeted the assembled press and attendees with news that the company will be focusing heavily on AI both for its services and research. The new site and division will focus on artificial intelligence, deep learning and building […]

Top 10 Free Alternatives to Expensive Software

10. GIMP (Free, for Windows, macOS, and Linux) 9. Libre Office (Free, for Windows, macOS, and Linux) 8. Inkscape (Free, for Windows, macOS, and Linux) 7. Blender (Free, for Windows, macOS, and Linux) 6. Avira (Free, for Windows) and Sophos (Free, for macOS) 5. LMMS (Free, for Windows, macOS, and Linux) 4. VirtualBox (Free, for Windows, macOS, and Linux) 3. DaVinci Resolve (Free, for Windows and macOS) 2. Linux (Free) 1. G Suite (Free, Web-Based) […]


I was reading an interesting article on Moz and decided to check out one of their links called Only to find that it’s been ‘hacked’ and the group that did it decided to leave a calling card

Really Google, another messaging app?

Google Allo, the search giant’s much anticipated messaging app, is available to download on iOS and Android The post Google Allo Available to Download on iOS and Android by @SouthernSEJ appeared first on Search Engine Journal .. The messaging apps segment is already saturated. The big players include Skype, Whatsapp, Viber, Snapchat, Facebook messenger,i-message and […]

Just for fun – Testing Digital Skills

It’s funny how doing one thing can get you thinking about other stuff entirety. Recently I saw a post on the Australian Marketing Institutes Linkedin Page with a link to ‘Digital Diagnostic – Test Your Digital Marketing Skills Today‘. Since I was using a mobile I was curious to see if it would be responsive (since […]

Bots spamming sites, in 2016?

Seriously, I’m surprised this type of  black hat static is still in use. Some of the really interesting comments claim they’ll ‘increase the SEO of the site’ while using bad grammar and attempting to link back to their website. One of them even claims to do automatic SEO via a plugin “Now what if i told you […]

Robocup Competition

From the years 2002-2006 I was part of a team from Linked Training that competed in the Robocup Junior competition. There are three categories which include rescue, dance and soccer. From 2002-2005 my team competed in the dance competition and won Australian the Australian open in 2003/4! 2006 was the first year that soccer was offered […]

‘Success comes through innovation’

This is something that I absent-mildly jotted down in the environmental scanning lecture regarding ‘disruptive technologies.’ Essentially advancements in technology can be classified as incremental which means enhancing the features to an existing product or transformational which is creating a new product. While most firms engage in incremental research due to cost constraints it is […]