A ‘Game of Thrones’ fan has made the ultimate season 7 trailer

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HBO’s marketing team can take a break, because one enthusiastic Game of Thrones fan is helping them do their job. Recycling the season 7 footage released so far, YouTube user Sebastian Hughes has created the “ultimate trailer” — a preview that absolutely lives up to its name.

Hughes had great source material to work with, thanks to HBO, but there is no arguing that the trailer is compelling in its own right. By combining footage from multiple previews, it is able to offer a more comprehensive look at the upcoming season than any of the previous ones have. The mashup is done very logically, too, with each individual character’s scenes cut together in a way that, in most cases, lays out their season 7 goals and/or motivations. That is helpful, considering how many key players are involved and the fact that a year has now passed since the season 6 finale aired.

Another interesting element of Hughes’ trailer is that it reorganizes the content, which means we see it from a different perspective. For example, the most recent trailer had a quote from Sansa (Sophie Turner) in voiceover about the “lone wolf” dying. The line coincided with footage of Jon (Kit Harington), so it seemed to possibly foreshadow his death, as the wolf is a symbol of the Stark family. However, Hughes chose to use that particular line with Arya (Maisie Williams) instead, reminding us that it could just as easily refer to another Stark.

While there aren’t necessarily any new insights to draw from the unofficial trailer and we could be reading way too much into it, analyzing the video is interesting nonetheless. Fans do have a knack for uncovering the truth from time to time, and considering different theories could well pay off. That said, Hughes describes the trailer as being made “just for fun,” so the intent may not actually have been to inspire so much obsessing. Whatever the case, official season 7 news isn’t enough to satisfy our appetite, so we’ll enjoy any Game of Thrones developments and tidbits that come our way.

Game of Thrones (finally!) returns July 16 on HBO, kicking off the penultimate season.

Source: (Digital Trends) A ‘Game of Thrones’ fan has made the ultimate season 7 trailer