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Breaking the Norms: Becoming a Content Producer without SMART Goals

Setting goals is a fundamental aspect of personal and professional growth. The widely accepted SMART goals framework emphasizes the importance of specificity, measurability, achievability, relevance, and timeliness. However, sometimes we come across tasks that defy conventional goal-setting methods.

One such task on my list was becoming a content producer. While it may not align perfectly with SMART goals, I found ways to break it down, embrace experimentation, and ultimately succeed in producing content through various mediums.

In this blog post, I will share my unconventional journey and the innovative methods I employed along the way. Breaking the Goal into Chunks: When faced with the seemingly unattainable goal of becoming a content producer, I realized that standard goal-setting metrics wouldn’t necessarily apply.

Instead, I decided to break it down into smaller, manageable chunks that allowed for exploration and creativity.

1. Embracing Podcasting: To kickstart my content production journey, I chose podcasting as my first medium. While this goal lacked measurability and timeliness in the traditional sense, I focused on creating engaging and insightful episodes. By researching topics of interest, inviting guests with diverse perspectives, and investing in quality equipment, I was able to produce two podcasts that resonated with my audience.

2. Utilizing AI Engines and Chatbots: Realizing that written content was an essential aspect of content production, I sought innovative ways to enhance and supplement my work. Leveraging AI engines and chatbots became an integral part of my strategy. These tools allowed me to generate ideas, automate content creation processes, and engage with my audience in unique ways. While this approach may not align with traditional goal-setting metrics, it proved to be an effective way to expand my content production capabilities.

Experimentation and Adaptation: Throughout my journey, I learned that experimenting and adapting were crucial to my success as a content producer. By embracing the unknown and taking risks, I discovered new methods of content creation that suited my style and resonated with my audience. While the path may not have been specific or timely, the flexibility inherent in this approach allowed me to push boundaries and explore unconventional avenues.

Although setting SMART goals is a widely recognized and effective approach to achieving objectives, sometimes we encounter tasks that demand a different strategy. In my quest to become a content producer, I deviated from the traditional goal-setting framework and instead broke the goal into manageable chunks, embraced podcasting, utilized AI engines and chatbots, and fostered a spirit of experimentation and adaptation. While this approach may not conform to the norms, it led me to expand my content production capabilities and find success in unconventional ways. So, don’t be afraid to step outside the boundaries of traditional goal-setting when faced with a unique task – the journey itself can lead to unexpected achievements.