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The last Blockbuster (in the US)

Blockbuster is a franchise and the interesting thing about the last one in the US is that their business model hasn’t really changed. Normally franchise’s are restricted in what they can do, however without a corporate head office this Blockbuster could try new things. Instead they are operating the same that they did in the […]

Why pretend to be something different?

I was helping a Redditor with a problem they recently faced. Essentially they were confused about their competitor using Fake Websites. Okay this is probably the weirdest thing I’ve seen. I’ll be honest I’m kind of procrastinating so I’ve spent a lot more time looking at this then I should have. Okay so first of […]

Mandatory plain packaging for tobacco products

An issue that has grabbed my attention on the news recently is the tobacco industry‚Äôs unrelenting struggle against the new mandatory plain packaging laws. Australia is the first nation to introduce these laws and the tobacco companies consider that allowing these laws to pass in Australia will encourage other nations to legislate similar laws. Considering […]