Robocup Competition

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From the years 2002-2006 I was part of a team from Linked Training that competed in the Robocup Junior competition. There are three categories which include rescue, dance and soccer. From 2002-2005 my team competed in the dance competition and won Australian the Australian open in 2003/4! 2006 was the first year that soccer was offered and our team made the NSW quarter finals.

Competing in Robocup really taught me a lot about team work, robotics and programming. It is one of my experiences that increased my passion about technology and put me on the path to being a digital marketer.

Recently I found the DVD made by Jasper (one of our teachers) of the 2003/4 competition. Check out the YouTube video below:

I would also like to give a special thank you to Paul and Michelle Linton from Linked Training group. Their course of Microsoft FrontPage taught me the basics of HTML and web development. Those skills have proven useful throughout the years and has encouraged my to keep in touch with the way the internet has changed.