Multisite WordPress websites and migration plans


I’ve been tinkering with a multisite installation for quite some time. The idea was to create an easy way to deploy and manage multiple websites. Setting up a multisite is relatively straightforward, the WordPress Codex has a good guide Create a Network. While it does mention reasons to consider Before You Create A Network it doesn’t mention alternatives. Instead of using a multisite setup one can use plugins to manage wordpress.

The best way to learn is to do. That’s why was set up as a multisite. Other sites that were created within the network include

  • Testing random things
    • Setup domain mapping
    • Created keywords to check if they could rank
  • Interesting reads from across the net
    •  Connected my news service to share articles with the blog automatically
  • Selling quality eBooks titles
    • Added an eCommerce plugin
    • Setup a cryptocurrencies as a payment method

However, the experiment it coming to an end and the above mentioned sites were simply tests. will be migrated to a single site installation and the other sites will be lost in the ether. Since the theme itself is old chances are it’ll go to and a default theme will be chosen till a new one is found.

The next blog will go into the pro’s and con’s of multisites.

See you on the other side!